• Breathing: Always breathe through the nose unless specific instructions are given. Coordinate the poses with breath.
  • Awareness:The purpose of yoga is to make you more aware. The poses integrate, harmonize all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Poses have effects on all levels if they are combined with awareness.
  • Relaxation: Child Pose (sharanagat mudra) or Corpse Pose (shavasan) can be performed at any point you feel the need or feel that anything we are doing is uncomfortable.
  • Clothes:It is best to wear loose and comfortable clothing which to allows plenty of freedom of movement in all directions. Remove wrist watches and jewelry for your safety.
  • Cell phones: Please turn off your cell phones as it disturbs the Sadhana.
  • Empty stomach: Do not perform difficult or intense yogic poses soon after eating. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.
  • Inversions: Inverted poses like shoulder stand, headstand should not be performed by women during their menstrual cycle, or by anyone with high blood pressure.
  • Pace:The pace of changing yogic postures should be slow and should be perform in steps.
  • Medical conditions: As with any exercise regimen, please consult your doctor before beginning the program. There are a few Asanas which an ailing person should not perform. Always let the teacher know about health issues.
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