Q. Why should I study yoga?
A. Yogic technique helps you to stretch your body, strengthen your muscles, tone your internal and external body parts, stimulate the bio-chemical and hormonal regulation and purify/ normalize all physiological abnormalities. It helps to increase the intake of oxygen in the body. It increases the anti-bodies in your body. Yoga helps you to rediscover your divine potentials.

Q. Does yoga helps me in reducing my excess weight?
A. Yes, Wellness Power Yoga helps in reducing your weight through an effective designed technique. We provide you the best technique with the modern scientific approach to reduce your weight step by step and be yourself in consistent shape.

Q. If I canít do certain techniques in the class and I canít touch my toes can I still practice?
A. Yes, we always give the practitioner a variety of modifications in all the yoga asanas we believe that one should be easy, relaxed and breathing deeply in the poses.

Q. I have never done yoga before. Can I do it?
A. Yes, yoga is the ancient technique, primarily was practised by Indian saints to unfold their spiritual powers. But, now a dayís anybody can practise yoga to get benefited. It not only is practised but, minutely invaginates inside you to achieve total tranquality.

Q. Does yoga provides better strengthening of muscles?
A.Yes, yoga provides you to strengthen your muscles through a set of Asanas (postures), Pranayamas (breathing technique), Mudras, Bandhs, etc. In addition it also helps to increase the flexibility of your body.

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