Meditation (dhyana) is a technique to train our mind. Through meditation relaxed and blissful state of mind can be achieved. It is a continuous effort to see ourselves deep inside. As said by Maharshi Patanjali “Tat Pratyayeiktaantaa Dhyaanam”... Continuity with concentration on goal is Meditation. The awareness of only goal to be achieved is meditation and when achieved is sublimation (Samadhi). Various researches has revealed that Meditation for 30 min to 45 min helps in reducing various types of knots of mind and train one’s mind to achieve the total tranquillity. It helps in increasing our awareness towards everything; which we encounter in our day to day life. Meditation helps increasing positivity in our perception and adds a different meaning towards life. It helps in managing our personal and professional relationship in home and office. It is a technique which can be very beneficial, once acquired with compassion and faith (Shraddhaa aur Vishwaas). Scientists believe that the practice of Meditation actively affects our pineal gland. The effects there upon help to normalize our physiological and biological behaviours. It also affects our different endocrine systems passively hence, induces and controls the hormonal regulations. Meditation has the same root as medication, i.e. healing. Medication works on physical body, i.e. Annmaya Kosha, but meditation works on blissful body, i.e. Anand Kosha
There are many ways to meditate. In our meditation classes you will be introduced to those ancient techniques. Whatever techniques suit you, you can practice every day.

Tension means hurry, fear, and doubt. Tension means preparing for the tomorrow or thinking. Meditation helps us to be in the present and more aware in the day to day life.

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