In today’s world the men are getting stressed due to various stressors they encounter in their daily life. Though, actually they are not stressor but, change in perception and attitude is so much so that a simple activity like delay in office for a day can cause stress. A little extra work is sufficient to cause stress. Yoga helps in building a new perceptual process and helps the motivator to find their way to free themselves from stress. Distress persistent for a long period of time can cause various physiological and mental disorders. Researches find that the distress is one of the main causative agents of disorders like high BP, low BP, various heart disorders, increase in sugar level etc. Swami Ramananda of Rishikesh said that about 85% of our disorders are psycho-somatic; distress is the main cause in developing these disorders.

Wellness Power Yoga provides you the best suitable technique to discover your stressors and mange them through increased perception and simultaneously treat your-self from disorders caused by distress.

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