1. Freedom: Enjoy doing what you can in the class , instead of striving for what you can not yet do.
  2. Uniqueness of individuality: express yourself rather than competing with others. Be happy with where you are right now for you will never pass there again.
  3. Love: Embrace yourself and others with compassion.
  4. Meditation: Breathe, relax and meditate in every pose.
  5. Non-seriousness: Celebrate every breath, every movement and every moment.
  6. Playfulness: Bring out your inner child.
  7. Creativity: Explore the possibilities of every pose.
  8. Sensitivity: Feeling every tissue, every muscle and every cell in each pose.
  9. Gratefulness: Appreciate all your body does for you every day.
  10. Feeling of surrender: go where the poses lead and remember that each pose comes from inside not out.
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